Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Creating a Digital Story

Since this is my first attempt at creating a digital story, I chose to use a chapter from the Bible so I could spend time exploring the process rather than creating a new story.  I look forward to doing that later while using original video clips and photos as well.  I initially attempted this project with Windows Live MovieMaker, but it was just way too cumbersome, so I went to my faithful MacBook Pro and used iMovie.  It was really intuitive to use and I am eager to move forward with some original material to do more projects.  I have already had two of my teachers ask me to show them how to make a digital story.  There are many exciting possibilities for the classroom!

I created two versions of this presentation.  The first one has no words superimposed over the images whereas the second one does.  I wanted to experiment with the differences in effect on viewers.

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